The Logistics Company, Inc. is seeking applicants for the following position:

Logistics Coordination Cell (LCC) Transportation- Port Liaison Manager
Requisition Code:21-FBNC-021
Open Date:12/10/2021
Status:Prospect Project
Work Location:Fort Bragg (NC)
Job Description:
The Logistics Coordination Cell (LCC) Transportation- Port Liaison Manager located at the Port of Charleston, South Carolina, coordinates, synchronizes and monitors all Port Support operations performed by the organization and provide updates as required to government staff. 

Key tasks include:  maintaining current status of port support preparing or receiving logistical status, reports and briefings on support operations; providing predictive analysis based on trends, past operations and current events; investigate, resolve and expedite material or events contributing to operational constraints; attending synchronization meetings; performing mission analysis for installation logistics port support operations; develop briefings, presentations and reports as required; interfacing with other installation Operations Centers, the Mobilization Deployment Brigade (MDB),  federal /state agencies and other LRC contractors.