The Logistics Company, Inc. is seeking applicants for the following position:

Material Examiner and Identifier
Requisition Code:22-BARSTO-002
Open Date:6/23/2022
Work Location:Barstow, CA
Job Description:

The Material Examiner and Identifier performs inspections and material determinations requiring extensive  research for most classes of military supplies including the most complex items. This position performs clerical, administrative and investigative preparation actions to include the development and resolution of both incoming and outgoing Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR) and Storage Quality Control Reports (SQCR or DD Form 1225) of items and material  deficiencies. The position corrects Distribution Standard System (DSS) SDR’s and other rejected forms working with the various Inventory Control Points (ICP) and Inventory/Item managers. Analyzes daily/monthly workload via email and batch reports to include DSS and CA dispatch reports on changes to unit of issue, NSN’s, shelf life, condition code, inventory adjustments, material issue denial research, and builds workload data as required. Extracts information from other sources such as equipment specifications and manufacturer data/manuals needed for item identification.  

Essential Functions of the Position 

• Posts receipts to record after 100% inspection of retrograde material and new procurement, and  submits SDR,, and/or DD1225 reports where applicable. Builds PPP&M workload, and processes  preservation, packaging, pack and marking (PPP&M) actions in DSS that accounts for labor and  material cost and closes work orders.  
• Builds COSIS workload and completes related actions to resolve stock deficiencies.  
?Reviews and investigates ICP customer complaints  related to material determinations.  
• Visually inspects items, verifying stock number, nomenclature, type, date of pack, level of pact,  etc.  
?Determines commodity  ownership of item/material to properly address where to send the SDR/DD1225 information.  
?Inputs material condition codes changes into DSS as determined by the inspection process. 
?Validates that  inventory records, condition codes, and security codes are correct prior to disposal.  
?Utilizes (DOD) shelf-life extension system (SLES) in order to perform inspections and  requirements of material shelf life. 
?Inspects supplies for manufacturing dates, cure dates, day of  last inspection, etc. to determine accurate expiration dates. 
?Performs visual and functional  inspections and tests for deterioration due to storage conditions or effects of aging on specific items. Ensures that correct preservation, packaging, packing and marking IAW military standards  have been applied during the self-life inspection process.  
• For Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS) program performs in-storage inspections, testing,  exercising, preservation and packing of material to prevent any degradation of material. Where  applicable, prepares DD 1225, builds COSIS and PPP&M workload for discrepancies found and  processes and closes work orders.  
?Performs extensive research of material from storage locations that require identification. This requires expertise in cross reference to part numbers, cage codes,  nomenclatures, and validates the national stock number (NSN) by using Fed-Log, Federal  Logics Information System (FLIS), etc., during the research stage. 
?Identifies and labels material  according to research findings.  
?Conducts physical inventories and may provide causative research for high dollar value adjustments and sensitive, classified, and/or pilferable items in storage.
• While conducting research and resolving discrepancies, this position may make recommendations  for changes to both physical processes and procedures involved and to establish or modify  controls and training requirements. Recommendations are directed toward reducing and/or  eliminating causes of errors discovered during the investigation process.  
• Contacts quality assurance and/or packaging personnel at ICPs and/or other military commands  for the purpose of coordinating material disposition instructions. Contacts are made on a  routine/daily/weekly basis and may include providing digital images of suspended material via  email. Performs general warehousing work relating to receipt, storage, and issue functions of  suspended material to include upgrade/condition code changes of material in storage.  

Supervisory Responsibilities 
No direct supervisory responsibilities. 

Physical Demands 
• Required to walk, stand, sit and move about the property for long periods of time.  • Ability to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds.  
• Perform physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your  whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.  

Work Environment  
• Indoor/Outdoor; exposure to external environmental conditions possible.  
• This position is classified as low hazard. 
• Noise level can range from minimal to intense. 

Minimum Qualifications 
• Must be able to speak, write, read, and understand English.  
• Must have the ability to multitask and demonstrate attention to detail.  
• Must be reliable, responsible, and able to fulfill obligations.  
• Possess a Valid California Drivers’ License
?2 years of experience utilizing DSS or equivalent WMS experience
?1-2 years experience performing research in a supply system environment 

Security Requirements 
• Must be a US Citizen. 
• Must be able to pass a National Criminal Background Check and obtain a Common Access Card.