The Logistics Company, Inc. is seeking applicants for the following position:

Shipping Packer, Lead
Requisition Code:22-BARSTO-005
Open Date:6/23/2022
Work Location:Barstow, CA
Job Description:
Responsible for overseeing day-to-day planning, implementation and problem-solving of a team in the performance of the team’s assignment. In addition to managing the activities of the team, Team Leaders also perform a variety of warehousing duties. Prepares finished products for shipment or storage by placing them in shipping containers, the specific operations performed being dependent upon the type, size, and number of units to be packed, the type of container employed, and method of shipment. 
Work requires the placing of items in shipping containers and may involve one or more of the following: Knowledge of various items of stock in order to verify content; selection of appropriate type and size of container; inserting enclosures in container; using excelsior or other material to prevent breakage or damage; closing and sealing container; and applying labels or entering identifying data on container.  Exclude packers who also make wooden boxes or crates.  Uses WMS and other Government Data Systems resolving common error conditions, responds to computer output instructions or error conditions, following SOPs.