The Logistics Company, Inc. is seeking applicants for the following position:

Blocker Bracer
Requisition Code:22-BARSTO-013
Open Date:6/23/2022
Work Location:Barstow, CA
Job Description:
The Blocker and Bracer secures cargo in or aboard cargo carriers such as trucks, vans, trailers, flat rail cars, flat rack containers, step decks, flatbeds, curtain sided trucks/trailers, Conestoga trailers, milvans, sea vans, etc.  to prevent damage during its transportation, determines appropriate lumber size and kind and prepares the lumber required for braces, chocks, blocks, beams, planking, cribbing, skids, cradles, saddles, etc., using hand and power tools. 

Essential Functions of the Position

 Secure loads utilizing nails, spikes, bolts, wood screws, lag bolts or other forms of binding material.

Must be able to support and brace fixtures to secure cargo items.

Constructs weatherproof shelters over some types of deck loads.

Lashes and binds heavy equipment to pad eyes, rings, eyelets, hooks, stanchions, cleats, or other supporting fixtures using chains, ropes, slings, cable, wires, or metal straps.

This worker constructs temporary trestles, decking, bulkheads, cribbing, and sheathing, and cuts dunnage to support, stiffen, or separate bulky or heavy cargo.

 Block and brace a variety of equipment and general supply items on commercial and military carriers using blocks, braces, wedges, and other staying devices, as well as wire cables, and chains.

 Assure the load does not exceed vehicle capacity, and those items are considered safe for movement and transfer.

 Assemble, install, and repair a variety of standard and non-standard wooden articles used in storing, renovating, and transporting material and ammunition.

 Set up, adjust, and use portable or stationary saws (radial arms) and impact wrenched compressors, generators, and a variety of hand tools.

 Store, stack, and palletize items.

 Determine proper storage/destination location from instructions received. Assemble items for movement and select items for issue or movement.

 Must be able to complete other duties as assigned or related to the overall operation of the position including but not limited to operating nail guns, banding cart, other strapping tools, etc..

Must utilize hand signals established by the organization in a field environment.


Physical Demands

 Required to walk, stand, sit and move about the property for long periods of time.

 Ability to lift and/or move up to 50 lbs shackles, slings and other block and bracing equipment.

 Required to perform physical activities that require considerable use of the arms, legs and moving the entire body, such as climbing,   lifting, balancing, stooping to handle materials.

 Be capable of climbing a ladder and working on equipment 12’ to 15’ ft above ground limit.

Work Environment


 Indoor/Outdoor; exposure to external desert environment, hot, cold, windy conditions year-round .

 Noise level can range from minimal to intense.

 Be capable of using and understanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

 Must be a team player, work and assist Crane Operators, Riggers and workers as needed in the daily operation.

 Must be flexible with hours and shifts that may include: “holidays, overtime, early or late am-pm hours; in a schedule that may change in short notice.

Minimum Qualifications

 Must have strong organizational skills.

 Well-developed multi-tasking and time management skills.

 Possess a Valid California Drivers’ License

 Must be computer literate.

Security Requirements


 Must be a US citizen.

 Must be able to pass a National Criminal Background Check and obtain a Common Access Card.