The Logistics Company, Inc. is seeking applicants for the following position:

Laborer $12.98 plus $4.23 for Fringe
Requisition Code:22-KNOX-026
Open Date:9/12/2022
Status:General Recruitment
Work Location:Fort Knox (KY)
Job Description:

The Laborer performs tasks that require mainly physical abilities and effort involving little or no specialized skill or prior work experience. The following tasks are typical of this occupation: The Laborer loads and unloads trucks, and other conveyances, moves supplies and materials to proper location by wheelbarrow or hand truck; stacks materials for storage or binning, collects refuse and salvageable materials, and digs, fills, and tamps earth excavations, The Laborer levels ground using pick, shovel, tamper and rake, shovels concrete and snow; cleans culverts and ditches, cuts tree and brush; operates power lawnmowers, moves and arranges heavy pieces of office and household furniture, equipment, and appliance, moves heavy pieces of automotive, medical engineering, and other types of machinery and equipment, spreads sand and salt on icy roads and walkways, and picks up leaves and trash. Must be flexible and able to adjust to changing situations. Must be safety conscience and able to work with little or no supervision.


Must be able to obtain a CAC.  Must possess a valid state driver’s license.  This job description is meant to be a guide.  It is not intended to limit in any way the duties an employee may be required to perform.  This job description may be updated at the discretion of the company.   Must be U.S. citizen and possess a high school diploma or equivalent.